We are exploring the idea of trying to make up the cancelled Spring 2020 course sessions sometime in December 2020. There are many challenges presented in hosting early season courses, such as weather, aircraft, instructor and venue availability, ect. ect. It may be possible to overcome the various hurdles in order to make the December 2020 course program feasible, but it’s too early at this point to be certain about dates and locations. We are doing our best to accommodate the Spring 2020 candidates, as we understand how much work has gone into your training, and the need to advance your guiding career.

We will continue to work with all our stakeholders, and make our best effort to make-up the Spring 2020 course season ASAP. We will keep you updated as the situation evolves.

Thank you for your patience, stay healthy, happy and safe.

Level 1 Courses: Tentative

Whistler BC – December 9 – 19, 2020
Meadow Creek BC – November 28 – December 9, 2020 (Possible Time-frame)
Keefer Lake Lodge – November 28 – December 9, 2020 (Possible Time-frame)

Level 2 Course: Tentative
Blue River BC, November 25 – December 5, 2020 (Possible Time-frame)

Level 3 – Course Portion: Tentative
Blue River BC, November 25 – December 5,  2020 (Possible Time-frame)

Level 3 – Exam Portion: Tentative
Blue River BC, TBD

Summer Glacier Skills Camp: Tentative
Blue River BC, September 13 – 19, 2020

Instructor Training: Tentative
Silver Star Mountain BC,  September 11 – 13, 2020

AGM:   Tentative / Possibly Virtual
Silver Star Mountain BC, September 11 – 13, 2020

NOTE: Course dates may change due to registration, weather or other determining factors. As much notice will be given as possible.