CSGI Level 1

GOAL: To have candidates attain a basic understanding of mountain awareness and guiding principles, to become proficient with the technical and practical skills needed to work as apprentice ski guides within a mechanized back-country operation.

  • Canadian Avalanche Association Level 1 course
  • Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance Level 1 course or equivalent
  • Current 80 hour First Aid Certificate
  • Resume showing previous industry or related experience
  • Back country ski touring resume or trip log documenting experience
  • Basic proficiency demonstrated by finding 4 transceivers buried 60 cm deep in a 30m x 30m area within ten minutes. Transceivers can be turned off. Probe targets are to be used. The targets can measure up to 30cm x 30cm.

Rope Handling
  • Demonstrate ability to build anchors, perform a lower, rappel a fixed line and ascend it.
  • Understand the fundamentals of a crevasse rescue system and be able to assist in an organized rescue. To be able to demonstrate a single rope system in the field within a timed period. The timed period will be at the discretion of the instructor/examiner depending on the site.
Avalanche Rescue
  • Understanding the fundamentals of a self rescue and be able to take charge, organize and participate in a search.
  • To be able to interpret basic terrain features in the field onto a map and from the map into the field.
  • To use a compass to shoot bearings for resection and route planning
Snowpack Observation
  • To dig snow profiles and make observations within the time constraints of a mechanized skiing operation

Terrain Assessment
  • To adequately assess significant terrain features.
  • To identify hazards and hazard potential.
  • To route-find through terrain identifying safe and suitable routes.
  • To identify the safest routes in any given piece of terrain
Ski Guiding
  • To understand the fundamentals of guest management and be able to effectively communicate directions.
  • To understand the application of specialized guiding techniques.
Field Books
  • Document daily observations and activities for reference and liability using a blank paged field book
Mountain Sense
  • Demonstrate back-country awareness and the fundamentals of safe decision making.
Attitude and Disposition
  • Ability to work on a team, be open to new concepts, strategies, and demonstrate good leadership qualities

This is the criteria that participants will be evaluated on for successful completion of this program.


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