CSGA Annual General Meeting


May 3rd 2017 1:00 pm –  Sandman Hotel Penticton BC

Attendance: Board of Directors, Secretary & Members of the CSGA in good standing,

Board of Directors:

Bob Sayer                            President

Jason Remple                    Vice-President

Mo Rasiah                           Director

Mike Hainault                   Director

Kieren Gaul                        Director

Don Schwartz                    Director

Mike Wiegele                    Past President (regrets)

Hunter Fitzgerald            Secretary (non-voting)

Welcome from the President – Bob Sayer

Bob Welcomed all Members, Operators & all guests to the meeting.

-all courses were full this season as there is a continued demand from Industry for more qualified Guides.

  1. Adopt minutes of last meeting – Bob Sayer

Minutes for last AGM adopted.

  1. Report from Administration – Bob Sayer

Carrie can now receive inquiries though her cell, which should improve response to member & student inquiries. In the summer. Carrie works one day per week & calls pass to her cell.

We now have 113 members & 13 Associate members

  1. Secretary’s Report – Hunter Fitzgerald

See report attached – Click Here: CSGA-AGM-Sec Report May 3rd 2017

  1. Technical Committee Report – Mike Hainault

Biggest change= Level 3 divided into 2- 1) instruction course 2) exam. Not as successful pass rate & now will review with Bob Sayer,

Bill Mark & Crosby Johnson to determine best way forward. It became evident that a course is needed before the exam. We wish to try and maintain as many candidates as possible & to minimize financial burden at same time.

Asked for feedback as we wish more students to graduate as possible so course before good idea. Seems bit of disconnect between higher experience needed & urgency to get Level 3 exam done. That is why course before is most valuable. General consensus is to have pre-Course as properly trained & examined Level 3 guides needed as lead guides right now by Industry.

Bob Sayer commented that many guides took several years guiding before taking Level 3 exam & therefore pre-course essential to give students knowledge of areas they need to practice on before doing exam.

Re-current training to be done in Blue River, Kootney & on Coast.

MW 5 Step checklist                                      Elias Ortner

Postponed as Elias had to go to another session which conflicted with AGM meeting time.

  1. Membership Report – Bob Sayer

Now have 113 paid up members

  1. HeliCat Canada Report – Bob Sayer

Attended Heli Cat meeting which very informative. There was a general invitation to all CSGA Guides to attend as very educational.

  1. IKAR report – Bob Sayer+ Iceland symposium – Elias OrtnerMeeting held on Bulgaria. IKAR now 600-700 members. Hands on type meeting.New mountain knowledge Database consisting of all mountain rescue information & researchers data base to international standards. CSGA could pay a fee to run Database to obtain worldwide changes (note: Dr. Dave has pics available).

    1st day was hands on training & resulted in all rescuers being killed which real eye-opener. Point of day never treat patients on a dangerous place.

    Hypothermia training excellent with new micro climate system being utilized.

    Dr. Dave commented that “best allocation of resources” system over whelming.

    This year conference will be in Andorra – Bob Sayer, Dr. Dave Watson & Bill Mark will be attending- Oct 16-19, 2017. Cost approx. Euros 500.

  2. Canadian Society of Mountain Medicine – Dr Dave WatsonLions Gate Mountain Medicine 2 week course in Mountains.With new Docs now at 20.

    Hypothermia presentation of new plastic card system, a check list of best practices.

    Bata concept on in Europe and can be seen on IKAR website.

    Suggest read paper from Journal of England. Longest was thought to be 6hrs now 8 hrs. Found and on an avalanche as long as 43 hours. Crevasse 27yr old = 8 days & 70 yr. old 6 days.

    Suggest CSGA prepare similar check list on what to do.

    Bob Sayer commented on WorkSafeBC has details & CSGA could mine for Guide items. Ian Tomm commented he has Data on this.


A – Risk Management – Insurance report               Hunter Fitzgerald

RM & Insurances presentation on;

  1. Mountain Safety, incl. Waiver Administration
  • Tenure issues
  • Fleet Risk Safety.
  • Premises incl. Liquor Liability
  • Special events
  • Where are you in your Insurer’s rating of “Best in Class”
  1. Reviewed the need to chart “Risk Lists”. We did a sample of a Risk List for a Snowcat operation & discussed the necessity to rate your area & monitor it continuously.
  2. Reviewed observations of Fort Mac fire & how critical it was to follow “Fire Smart Manual” for all your resorts.
  3. Reviewed some details on a new Helmet (ProNeckTor) under research.

Helicopter Safety                                            Heath Coleman

Summarized same key points recently presented to HeliCat meeting;

-emergency response – coordinate with Heli Company & Helicopter company

-helipad at hospital- may violate landing at hospital

-be familiar with BC emergency hospital regulations & guidelines for landing at hospital

-purchase lots of seat belt cutters & keep on site.

-SAOP (Safety Operating procedures) check best practices

-Air Bags-be careful pre-mature release- put into Heli briefing

-cannot wear in Helicopter

-check how to remove air on release.

-pre-season training include best practices for air bag use.

-Crew Response management- test team work in cockpit.

-discuss physocoligy

-Professionalism discussed at HeliCat –Heli-skiing fun risky sport.

-Tipping pilot-do not let it influence pilot.

-Share close calls –debrief on guides meeting & keep teaching to new pilots/guides.

-safety culture- do what you preach

-5 recent accidents- some compliancy-all avoidable

-Lessons-everyone be extremely alert at landings.

B – Legal report                                                 Hunter Fitzgerald

Reviewed some finding from 2017 CWSAA Safety Committee-Legal update by Robert Kennedy.

1.Brun v. Whistler – release successful

2.Aaron Quilchine – 1st online release successful

  1. Campbell v. county of Bruce Ontario-release defeated by special Ontario consumer protection act argument
  2. Waiver still good defense but watching Ontario development as BC consumer protection act similar & should be amended for ski resort activities.
  3. Ski Bindings-AT boots will not work in normal bindings and release would-be voided so use special bindings for AT boots. Also watch 10 day notice by binding manufacturers
  4. Host liquor Liability – Case study of Pub in Ont where Pub still held partially responsible for incident after patron when came home then drove buddy home & had an accident.

7.Jameson v. Whistler – same BC Practices act at Ont.


C – Wild Life                                                       Jordon Stiefvater

Reviewed guidelines –intent-leave animals alone.

-Ariel –stay distance & flight paths -500 meter distance

-Goats- 1,500 meter from goat habitat shown on goat range mapping.

-Bob Sayer-a lot of science on goats & they are not a threatened animal.

-Wolverine –scientists trying to get funding on research

Cariboo-endangered species – many closures for snowmobile use.

-no encounter for 300 meters-record happenings

-some closed areas

-affect all new Heli ski tenures

Special management=what the heli-skiing industry is doing

-min encounter

-no closer than 500 meters

-MOU-area map habitat

-2 hrs. of staff training

-info management systems

-operations practice

D – Extended medical – Insurance package           Mike Hainault

(Geoff Staight could not make meeting)

AD&D group; policy available (similar to ACMG coverage)

-min of 40 participants

-$25,000 Life

-Premium=$105 annual (covers outside of work as well)

-option for $100,000 at $400 annual

-MH to email members with motion for the $105 plan and see what interest

E – Potential sponsorship agreement w/ MEC Or True Outdoors for member discounts on gear

Mike Hainault

MEC plan available.

F Continued professional development training fall

Session Date selection Mike Hainault

Fall Training-Nov 18-Nov 25 (one in Kootneys)

Recurrent in Blue River – Sept 2017

Fees up 10-12% next year.

-Tech News- updated Manual-Snowcat section-need chapter

-Heath-good idea for Heli section

Manual will not be printed only on line eManual.

OTHER BUSINESS Election of Officers– We need to elect 2 board members each year.

K.Gual to step down

New members;

-Dr. Dave Watson

-Chris Simm

Bob asked 3 times = no further nominations

Next meeting: May 2nd 2018

Adjournment: 4pm May 3rd 2017

CC: 1. To Board Members

  1. To membership of CSGA

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