CSGA Insurance

included insurance

With your CSGA membership fee

Your CSGA membership now includes a $25,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance policy. This coverage includes numerous benefits designed specifically for mountain and ski guiding activities in Canada and around the world. The value for you includes very competitive rates and no exclusions for all your occupational duties.

AD&D Coverage
If your membership fees are not up to date, this is not an option.

Diagnostic & Specialist Access Insurance FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
If you still have questions about DSAI, have a look here for a more details.

OPTIONAL insurance

With your CSGA membership fee

As a CSGA member in good standing, additional optional coverage is also available to you.

Weekly Accident Indemnity
(WAI) 60% of earnings up to $800.00 a week.
Total Disability – payable on the 21st day for 26 weeks, must be gainfully employed and under age 65.

Diagnostic & Specialist Access Insurance
(DSAI) This allows for insured members to have access and treatment within 3 weeks for MRI, CT scans etc for injuries.

If you need further information regarding your insurance coverage or need to start a claim, please contact:
Geoffrey Straight gstraight@capricmw.ca or Maria Delaney mdelaney@capricmw.ca