CSGI Level 2 – Blue River BC 2016

CSGI Level 2 Course Report:


The course was full with 9 students and 2 instructors:

Warm conditions kept Instructors and students on their toes, with full spring conditions for most of the course.  Despite these conditions Students were able to spend 1 full day and 2 half days mechanized Skiing, one in-conjunction with the L3 course, as well as Heli assisted Ski touring on other days.

2 crevasse/rope rescue practice days occurred on the Diamond Head Ridge, and the exam occurred on the Grizzly Hut upper cliffs. After the first and second field practice days  Students practiced deficiencies in the Guides Haus  after hours.

2 nights were spent out with students building and sleeping in improvised shelters.  Normally the Monashee Chalet in Fin Creek is used but due to very warm conditions the venue was changed to the Grizzly hut up the Mud valley was used.

Other locations used were Thunder Lakes, Smoke Creek and Froth Creek and Taran Lake area.

Bill Mark

April 2016


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