HeliCat Canada AGM Reminder

Just another friendly reminder that the HeliCat meetings are on May 1 in Penticton again this year.  If you work in the sector you may find the days activities of interest to you, as well as being good CPD.


You’ll see some more info coming out via our newsletters and on social media in the next few weeks but here are the highlights;

  • Bill Yearwood from the Transportation Safety Board – Talking about aviation safety in our sector (heliskiing and SAR)
  • Doug Strachan from West Coast Helicopters talking about Safety Management Systems and how aviation SMS can (better) integrate with operational risk management systems in the helicat sector.
  • Discussion on proposed new Transport Canada regulations that may impact heliskiing starting in 2018.
  • A provincial executive and consulting biologist will also be presenting on our sectors impacts on wildlife and the changing landscape for wildlife policy in BC – particularly around Goat, Caribou and species at risk.

We are going to have 2 panel discussions – one on aviation safety and another one on wildlife and adaptive management in the HeliCat/Guiding sector.  Should be interesting.


Hope to see you there!

Ian Tomm
Executive Director
HeliCat Canada Association
p: 250-837-5770

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