Level 3 2017

Spring 2017 was an interesting time for the CSGI, we unveiled the NEW L3 course format. The new format is comprised of two separate and distinct components, the course and the assessment, each is five days in duration. The “course” component is designed to help teach aspiring L3 candidates the requisite skills necessary to guide without supervision in the mechanized ski industry. The “assessment” component is designed to evaluate the guiding skills necessary to guide without supervision in the mechanized ski industry. Each component is taken separately, first the course, then the assessment. This new format allows students to gain experience, skill, and better understand the standard required to succeed during the assessment. This year we had seven participants take part in the new program, two of which were invited to move onto the assessment portion.

The GOAL of the new format is to not only better prepare candidates for evaluations, but to better mentor existing guides as they move through the CSGI progression taking on greater responsibility. The curriculum has been tailored to better match the industry realities of the tasks undertaken by guides each and every day. We aim to train the candidates to the highest standards, and provide tangible and practical situations for better learning.

Given the weather this spring the effort brought forward by the candidates was commendable. They took every task, project, and scenario extremely seriously. Skill acquisition was admirable, and all participants should be very proud of the achievements they attained. Many of those participants will be ready in the future to attend the assessment portion of the new program.

It goes without saying that these programs would not be possible without the cooperation and the dedication of certain individuals. Therefore, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our host Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing, Yellowhead Helicopters and our pilot Steve Tosh, my co-course director Bill Mark, our trusty observer Terry Makos, and of course all our participants who were willing to take a chance on this new curriculum format.

We look forward to seeing more L3 candidates in the future.


Mike Hainault

CSGI, course coordinator

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