We have had well over 100 responses to our survey regarding adding a group insurance to the annual membership dues. For those of you who wanted more information or missed the original info email here it is:

CSGA GROUP ACCIDENT POLICY 2018  or read below


COVERAGE: 24/7 coverage, anywhere in the world

INSUREDS: All eligible guides (Canadian residents covered by Provincial Health Care) who are registered with the Policyholder (under age 70).

MANDATORY BENEFITS: $25,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)

$1,000 Accidental Dental Reimbursement Benefit

$10,000 Accidental Medical Reimbursement Benefit

$15,000.00 Family Transportation Benefit

$5,000 Funeral Expense

$15,000.00 Home Alteration & Vehicle Modification Benefit

$5,000 Identification Benefit

$15,000.00 Rehabilitation Benefit

$1,000 Rehabilitative Physical Therapy Benefit

$15,000.00 Repatriation Benefit

OPTIONAL BENEFITs: $800.00 Weekly Accident Indemnity (Total Disability – payable on the 21st day for 26 weeks, must be gainfully employed and under age 65)

Diagnostic & Specialist Access Insurance (DSAI). This allows for insured members to have access and treatment within 3 weeks for MRI, CT scans etc for injuries.

MANDATORY ANNUAL PREMIUM: AD&D $105 per guide per year.

OPTIONAL ANNUAL PREMIUM: WAI $420 per guide per year.

DSAI $139.00 per guide per year.

$278.00 per Member & Spouse only

$418.00 per Member, Spouse and dependent children



  • Aircraft exposure while travelling aboard regularly scheduled airlines and while flying as a passenger and/or observer, but not as a pilot or crew member (pilot in command). Coverage includes a flight in connection with any authorized guiding (helicopter skiing).
  • WAI definition attached in separate document.
  • Coverage for contractors and sole proprietors. Proof of income required.
  • Mandatory coverage for all members.
  • Policyholder to maintain a proper record of the member listing and remit premiums.
  • Guides must be Canadian resident and have provincial health coverage.
  • Rates will be guaranteed for 24 months

The survey email will come from admin@canskiguide.com via Survey Monkey. It’s only 3 questions & will take under 1 min to complete. Please take the time to respond so we can make a decision as soon as possible.

Thank you,

CSGA Administration


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