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December E-Blast

December 10, 2021

CSGA EBlast – December 2021

In this month’s edition:

  • Covid Vaccination Inclusivity Policy
  • Recurrent Training Report
  • NEW CSGA Identification cards coming at you!
  • NEW Pro-deals!
  • Weekly Accident Indemnity Insurance (WAI) – Why every guide should have this
  • Spring Course update
  • Membership fees are due!

First off, on behalf of the CSGA Board and administration I would like to express our support for any of our members that have been impacted by the latest round of devastating weather events in BC and out East. These events, on top of regular life stressors can impact our lives in many ways from loss of life and property to not being able to get to staff training. I encourage you to recognize and acknowledge these stressors and the potential for them to accumulate in our lives. The CSGA is currently working on a Mental Health Resource and information page for our website. In the meantime, check out the  Stress Continuum from Responder  It’s a great self-check in tool to see how you and your team are doing.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, ideas or comments please reach out to [email protected]


Speaking of potential stressors…The CSGI has mandated that all scheduled course participants and instructors must show proof of double vaccination in line with industry best practices. However, In order to maintain your status as a current member of our association you must pay your dues and attend recurrent training every two years (or attend a certification course). The CSGA recognizes that there are some members who, for whatever reason, may choose not to show vaccination status which restricts them from attending recurrent training and maintaining their status as a member of the CSGA in good standing. Therefore, for the 2021 / 2022 winter season any member who chooses not to attend recurrent training because of vaccination status is permitted to send proof of guide training attendance for this season to [email protected] and will be allowed to maintain current membership in the CSGA upon payment of dues. In addition, should a member choose to not guide this year because of Covid they can send a letter to the CSGA stating this and still maintain current member status upon payment of dues.

Recurrent Training:

Two opportunities were held on November 27 at both Whistler and Whitewater ski areas. Here is the report from Whistler:

During Atmospheric River #2, we managed to get together for the 2021 CSGI Coastal Refresher on Whistler Mountain. The wet weather deterred a few members but 8 guides ended up braving the fluctuating freezing levels and wind, to refresh their skills and get their heads back into ski guiding. After working together to review Morning Meeting and Hazard Forecasting procedures in the Roundhouse, we reviewed probing and shoveling techniques used in AVSAR. We then headed out into the weather to get some data from the snowpack, reviewing testing techniques and discussing operational efficacy when doing snow profiles.

After beacon searching in the deep Coastal HST, we finished up with reviewing Guiding Procedures before heading back to the rain in the valley.

Thanks to those who attended and shared their knowledge.

Vlad Lamoureux

Course Facilitator 


Membership dues for this season are now due! Please go online to log into your account and pay. The CSGA is a volunteer run, member driven association providing high standards of training through the CSGI and allowing you to work your dream job! Besides being the professional thing to do it is also a requirement of being a member in good standing. Have a look below at some of the other amazing reasons why you should pay your dues. As always, if you are not getting what you need from your association reach out and suggest an idea or better yet, get involved, we’d be happy to have you! Thanks for being a part of the CSGA.

*NEW* CSGA Current Member Identification Cards!

Most Pro Deal suppliers want to see proof of membership in you professional association. Now you can easily show your digital membership card to receive great deals! Once you have logged in the ‘Membership Card’ option will appear under the ‘Member’ tab. Click on that and your digital ID will appear. Please note, you must log in first before the tab appears.


Now that you have your digital ID you can use it to access many pro deals. Some of our official supporters include:


Smartwool – email [email protected] for discount code

Blizzard / Tecnica – email [email protected] for discount code

Finetrack North America – a fantastic underlayer that wicks sweat away from your skin – details on CSGA website

Marker/Volkl/Dalbello – information on CSGA website, coming soon but go to any authorized dealer to order as a CSGA member

WAI Insurance – Did you know?!

With your CSGA membership you automatically receive Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance BUT you also have access to additional insurance for yourself and your spouse and family should you wish. WAI is Weekly Accident Indemnity Insurance. Geoff Straight our broker from Lifestyles Financial explains it here with an example of how it works:

“Terry”, a 42-year-old Heli Ski Guide, sustained a fall during early-season ski touring. He hit a buried log and needed to be evacuated by helicopter, then by ambulance to the nearest hospital. He suffered a broken leg and head injury, as well as some other soft tissue injuries. He was unable to work for five months, primarily due to the head injury. Employment Insurance, paid him ~55% of his wage for the first 17 weeks. After that period, his claim with the EI sickness benefit was concluded. Following his 21-day elimination period, he was able to claim 24 weeks of Weekly Accident Indemnity (WAI). For the first 14 weeks, the WAI benefit “topped-up” his income while on claim with EI. He then qualified for $800/week for the next 10 weeks until he returned to work. He received a total payment of $13,040 under this benefit. All Terry needed to do was submit his previous year’s tax return to prove his income, and an employer statement showing his current wage level and his discharge documents from the hospital showing the nature of his injuries.

Additionally, Terry claimed a $1,000 Fracture Benefit and $1,730 for ambulance and helicopter flight, physiotherapy and prescription drugs.

Total Benefits Claimed: $15,770

Cost of CSGA Insurance: $260

$80 Accidental Death & Dismemberment policy premium (automatically included in CSGA membership)

$180 WAI policy premium

Many CSGA members have benefitted from the group insurance program.  You are professional risk managers, and this is a straightforward risk management decision.  Unfortunately, accidents do happen, we recommend you protect yourself financially in case of accident. Please note that the higher wage of your income over the past 12 months or your current pay will be used to adjudicate the claim.


Spring courses are open for enrollment and your spot is guaranteed on a first come first serve basis upon acceptance and receipt of payment. Sign up early as spots are going fast!

Thanks for reading and I wish you a safe season with copious amounts of dry snow and a stable snowpack! Take care of yourselves and keep in touch.

Erin Tierney on behalf of the CSGA Board