Zoom meeting – link will be emailed to those who have registered on line.
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October 21st 2020  7 pm;  Zoom Meeting

Attendance:                  Board of Directors, Secretary – Treasurer & Members of the CSGA in good standing

Board of Directors:

Bob Sayer                             President

Jason Remple                      Vice-President

Mo Rasiah                             Director

Mike Hainault                       Director

Ron Betts                               Director

Don Schwartz                       Director

Mike Wiegele                       Past President

Hunter Fitzgerald                 Secretary               (non-voting)

Welcome from the President                                          Bob Sayer

1.         Adopt minutes of last meeting                            Bob Sayer

2.         Report from Administration                                Bob Sayer

3.         Secretary & Treasurer’s Report                          Hunter Fitzgerald

4.         Technical Committee Report – incident report      Mike Hainault

5.         Membership Report                                           Bob Sayer

6.         HeliCat Canada Report                                      Bob Sayer

7.         IKAR report                                                       Bob Sayer


A          Risk Management – Insurance report                  Hunter Fitzgerald + Bob Sayer

B          Extended medical – Insurance package              Geoff Straight

C          Sponsorships and Prodeals                                  Mike Hainault

D          Continued professional development training fall

Session Date selection                                      Mike Hainault

E          Lisa Korthals Memorial Bursary                            Vlad Lameroux

OTHER BUSINESS    Election of Officers- We need to elect 2 board members each year.

Next meeting:  Spring 2021                                              Adjournment

CC:       1. To Board Members

2. To membership of CSGA

3. Addendum – Instructor Meeting Post AGM      Mike Hainault