Lisa Korthals Memorial Bursary

A Tribute to Lisa  – Click here

The Lisa Korthals Memorial Bursary Committee is thrilled to announce two awards for the 2020 season!

Congratulations to Rosie Langford and Kate Ediger! We know that both the CSGI and these hard working mountain women are keen to have CSGI courses recommence as soon as it is safe to do so. The LKMB committee looks forward to their successes on CSGI courses.

Congratulations to Rosie Langford ! 

Rosemary Langford

Rosemary Langford- LKMB 2020

Rosie spent her youth exploring the mountains with her family and is now studying at Simon Fraser University under Pascal Haelglie in the Avalanche Research Program. She also volunteers her time as the president of Mountain Mentors, a mentorship program to encourage female participation in the mountains. She currently works as an AST provider.

Her drive, enthusiasm and passion for being in the mountains and selflessly sharing her knowledge with others embodies Lisa’s mindset. We look forward to seeing where Rosie will take her career and all the women she will motivate to take their first steps in the mountains along the way. 

Congratulations to Kate Ediger!

Kate Ediger – LKMB 2020

Kate was so full of passion and energy for life and the paths it can lead us on that she forgot to tell us the boring stuff, like what courses she was planning to take! Her story is one of determination and strength that was awe inspiring.

Kate works as a tail guide in the interior of BC, educating herself through courses and mentors. She has a passion for travel and a list of goals and objectives a mile long. As a mother to a young son, she looks for the balance of caring and sharing life with her son and pursuing her own objectives. Not an easy task for a mother in this industry but one that Lisa handled with style and grace, an inspiration to Kate.

The Lisa Korthals Memorial Bursary Committee looks forward to watching the careers and adventures of these deserving women unfold over the years.

The LKMB accepts applications year round and we encourage all women involved with the CSGA to apply for the bursary. See below for details.

If you would like to donate to the LKMB fund you may do so at

The Lisa Korthals bursary provides financial aid to those women who are pursuing a career in mechanized ski guiding through the CSGA. Eligible for any women applying to CSGI accredited courses such as CSGI Level 1, 2, 3 course/exam or Ski Touring Module. Preference will be given to someone that has already completed the Level 1 CSGI course and is looking to advance through the CSGA program.

The committee reserves the right to not award a bursary in any given year if a suitable candidate has not applied. At the discretion of the committee, there may also be multiple recipients in a given year.
The course must initially be paid in full by you. Funds will be awarded to the recipient chosen by the board. Applicants should fill an application online. The following is required in your application package:

  • An essay describing your development as a guide including:
    • how you feel you embody Lisa’s adventurous mountain spirit
    • your contribution to supporting others, female or otherwise, in the mountain environment
    • your future goals.
  • A reference letter from a mentor in the guiding industry
  • A resume of work experience and relevant personal adventures
  • A photo so that we may put a face to your story

To be considered for this seasons LKMB fill an application by clicking here.
Applications for the 2022 season should be submitted no later than September 30, 2021. Decisions will be made by May 2022. If you have any questions contact

To view past LKMB recipients, click here !